We are Totalik

Totalik is a world of Content Brand Management.

We provide Content and Monetization solutions to Brands, and are Specialists in high performance video campaigns.

Our unique, tailored and innovative approach sets us apart from the rest. When it comes to boutique content solutions for all stakeholders, we are the experts.

As Brand experts, we know how to put Brands first. Our offering has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands, and we know how to build, maintain and safeguard these strategic assets.

As we’re working with the world’s biggest brands, we provide solutions at all points in the value chain. Every type of content solution, with worldwide coverage.
Our dedication and commitment shows with the quality and longevity of our relationships.

We believe only in the best. That’s why we hire the best people for our business, work with the best partners, and deliver the best results. You’ll feel it when you work with us.

We called ourselves Totalik – so we’ll always remember to be totally there for our partners, our stakeholders and our incredible work.​
Join proven winners, and work with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Join Totalik and access a whole world of premium Brands, where the experience itself is luxurious.

Some of our Brands include:



We specialize in generating creative and unique content for our Brands.

Our creation and distribution methodologies take the brand message to new platforms, new outlets, and new heights.

Our content is relevant, engaging, and furthers brands’ business goals. Our distribution both engages new audiences, as well as appealing to the same audience but in new channels.

We offer added premium content and content advertising, as well as providing all the tools needed to maximize KPI’s, including leading technological BI tools, insights, and more.

Our people-centric approach means that each partner of ours always has someone to speak with. We offer solutions others might not know are even possible, and optimize across all devices and systems.


We add a premium suite of monetization options to our Brands’ digital assets.

Totalik provides unique tools that allow Brands to make money from their content; creating new revenue streams, engaging new audiences, and exposing the Brand to many more potential fans.

We have the full package- providing end-to-end solutions based on the latest technologies and trends.

We do so seamlessly, enhancing rather that compromising content, and seeing it as an opportunity to engage loyal followers. We offer localized targeting with global exposure, ensuring that relevance is key.


Totalik is a subsidiary of Apply Advanced Mobile Technologies Ltd (TASE: APLY), a publicly listed Company.

Apply was founded in 2013, by a group of mobile, internet and marketing entrepreneurs with a solid record of creating successful companies from the ground up.

Apply has tremendous experience in building Brands, monetization, and digital marketing, and specializes in creating & developing innovative platforms, distribution methods and monetization for mobile and web developers, and works with worldwide leading direct advertisers and publishers, mobile affiliate networks, mobile ad networks, Media networks and agencies.

Another one of Apply’s companies is Kibo, the ultra successful and innovative platform for branded keyboards integrated with a content feed. Kibo has created Branding and Monetization tools for the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester City, Hello Kitty, Chelsea Football Club, and many others. International football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is a shareholder in the business.


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