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Boost your ROI with Totalik

Totalik can help you reach your business target metrics,
Our platform deliver high quality results for our advertisers.
We work with our advertisers to achieve the most effective cross channel advertising solutions  that will lead to successful campaign wordlwide.
We work only with premium publishers to ensure that your ads will get the best fit.

Premium advertisers

Totalik is a diverse and versatile network that includes the biggest and best brands in the industry. we offer cross channel media solutions by advertiser, industry,category, demographics, behaviors and much more to ensure the best fit for your content.

The right fit 

We believe that ads should enhance user experience, have relevance to your content, and pay you appropriately. We care about our publishers websites, that is why we will never approve bad quality ads or disrupt the user experience.

 Technology & efficiency

Totalik platform relies on constant development, we develop our own Solutions and Technology, In Totalik we ensure that every ad has the opportunity to be effective by Monitoring Campaigns in real time with third party solutions.

why Totalik?

Our DMP relies on big data databases that will help placing your ads in the most relevant content from our DSP.
Real-time bidding for advertising inventory is impression based, and done via programmatic instantaneous auctions – similar to financial markets. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression, and if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.
At Totalik, we are constantly developing our platform, using own solutions
and technology. After years of experience in providing ad tech solutions, our highly skilled team is the foundation of our success, as we produce versatile and successful advertising solutions and tools.
We let our partners have complete transparency and visibility into performance, and let them use 3rd-party tools to monitor ads in real-time, using the top tools available such as Double-verify, forensiq, Mute, Whiteops and Adlook.
Providing Display, Mobile, Video, Remarketing, 404, Domain Parking,Native Ads and more.
premium network
Totalik works with only the best publishers and advertisers worldwide, to ensure the quality of our network.

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