TOTALIKPremium Native Advertising

Its  part of yours website nature


Totalik native advertising – your chance to multiply your CPM.
we use native ads that is “in-feed” – a part of your content feel and look, our programmatic solution display ads at the right place for the right user.

We believe that native ads must be attractive and well targeted for both audience and context.

Our native ads will compliment your website UX/UI.

Choose now from a wide range of peak-performing interactive units.

Premium advertisers

Totalik is a diverse and versatile network that includes the biggest and best brands in the industry. we offer cross channel media solutions by advertiser, industry,category, demographics, behaviors and much more to ensure the best fit for your content.

The right fit 

We believe that ads should enhance user experience, have relevance to your content, and pay you appropriately. We care about our publishers websites, that is why we will never approve bad quality ads or disrupt the user experience.

 Technology & efficiency

Totalik platform relies on constant development, we develop our own Solutions and Technology, In Totalik we ensure that every ad has the opportunity to be effective by Monitoring Campaigns in real time with third party solutions.

our ad units

mobile ads

Mobile native ads that compliment your website UX/UI, or choose from a wide range of peak-performing interactive units.


A great way to build brand awareness, or monetize your content by adding highly targeted video before\mid\after a video runs.

Display ads

banners 300×250 / 728×90

native ads

Totalik platform brings the most out of your campaign, we guarantee that your Ads Will find the most suitable content without disrupt the UI.

pop up/under

full page ads for great impact and visibility, pop-unders that generates higher CPM/income than normal.

exit pop

Take advantage of exit intent traffic to get the maximum impact.


Monetize your domains When requested Domain does not exist

Domin parking

Do you have registered unused web domains that you are not using? With Totalik you can monetize your unused parked pomains

404 monetizing

Monetize your 404 error pages by replacing them with contextual ads for better user experience.

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