Leverage the power of the Totalik platform

Powerful technology that lets you optimize and manage all of your ICO campaigns in one platform.

Every day, Totalik delivers hundreds of millions of targeted ad impressions to its vast global network of top publishers in all digital advertising formats. Now, ICO companies can reach their campaign goals and generate more ROI faster and easier than ever before.


Let Totalik be your trusted partner in the world of digital advertising. When it comes to helping you make informed decisions, we’ll make sure you have all the information and tools you need at your fingertips. Real-time bidding has never looked so good.

Digital Ad Formats

Totalik offers ICO companies the ability to choose between multiple ad formats from a single platform, in order to effectively target different buyers with the appropriate types of ads. Easily understand which ad format is performing the best across the different stages of the purchasing funnel.

Accurate Audience Targeting

Easily find, identify, and target the right users according to their buyer profile and behavior in order to increase conversion rates. Our DMP provides ICO companies with access to an abundant source of rich audience data so that they can help optimize their future media buys and ad creatives.

Real-Time Analytics and Reports

Make smarter decisions with real-time intelligence and analytics and gain transparency into your ICO’s campaign performance in order to see which marketing tactics are bringing you the most success across the various ad formats, channels, and screens.

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